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Why I need to detox…

Why I need to detox...

  So you may recall I have spent the past couple of months gallivanting across America for work, which was all very exciting , but exhausting at the same time, and the travel, combined with the fact I was in America – land of GMO foods and high fructose corn syrup,  certainly posed it’s challenges when it came to sticking to healthy eating.  For me it wasn’t a case of not actively trying to eat healthy food, but rather the fact I was stuck on aeroplanes and in air ports every few days, along with hotels that offered a gluten fest for breakfast each day – … Continue reading

Are Your Pain Med’s Causing You Pain?

Are Your Pain Med's Causing You Pain?

  If you’re suffering from chronic pain and have become reliant on pharmaceutical pain medications, such as over the counter anti inflammatories  – known as NSAID’s – non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs –  like aspirin or ibuprofen, or you’re unlucky enough to have to rely on heavy duty corticosteroid anti inflammatory drugs, such as prednisolone, prednisone and medrol, then chances are your pain could become a product of these medications if you’re taking them regularly. How can pain relieving medications become the cause of pain I hear you ask?  Well quite simply because of the damage they cause to the lining of the small … Continue reading

Why the humble sandwich doesn’t cut it!

Why the humble sandwich doesn't cut it!

  Let’s face it, many of you probably grab a sandwhich for lunch each day, and if your like most,  you probably didn’t make it yourself, but rather picked it up from your local cafe or sandwhich bar.  So what’s wrong with this ‘typical’ lunch?  Well, there are many factors that make the humble sandwich a poor choice.  I know a lot of you may throw your arms at me  for saying this, but before you switch off, take a moment to hear me out. First of all, I want to state that for those of you who buy good … Continue reading

Out Of My (food) Comfort Zone…

Out Of My (food) Comfort Zone...

I’m in the US right now and so far I’ve travelled 7 cities in 14 days, so if  jet lag, followed by jumping planes, trains and automobiles every couple of days hasn’t been enough to upset the apple cart, contending with trying to find real, whole food on the run in some places, has been.  When I travel, I try to eat just like I do back home  – the same as I recommend in my book, Eat Yourself Healthy.  My digestive system has grown accustomed to it’s usual Green Goddess juice  or super food power smoothie first thing of a … Continue reading

Who are you really getting your health advice from?

Who are you really getting your health advice from?

In today’s day and age of technology and the internet, we have seen a BOOM in accessible information online, from all over the world and from all walks of life. Like most things in life, this phenomena has it’s ‘pro’s’ and it’s ‘con’s’.  For starters, the internet has enabled us to  better self educate, providing us with more knowledge and in return, more power and choices. But when it comes to health, sometimes too much information can be  just as harmful as too little, especially when anyone can post anything, when it comes to health advice on the net. Because there is … Continue reading

Your right to access natural medicine is under threat

Your right to access natural medicine is under threat

Many of you who read this blog will have either consulted me as a patient for complementary health care using nutritional and or herbal medicine, or follow it because you use complementary medicine as part of maintaining your health and wellbeing and are keen to stay abreast of how to live an optimally healthy life. Well what would you say if I told you that your right to access complementary medicine and practitioners was under grave threat because of a proposed new government legislation that would see your freedom of choice in health care options taken away from you?  Would the loss … Continue reading

How do you balance your nervous system?

How do you balance your nervous system?

This year’s been a pretty hectic one for me at work, I have been toiling away on some pretty big projects, which has meant upping the anti as far as long days, lots of jumping on and off planes and missing many a week end, in order to get my projects off the ground.  But having suffered and recovered from two Auto Immune diseases – Lupus and Hashimoto’s, that were ultimately triggered by stress,  I am very strict about setting boundaries and respecting my body.  I guess this decision for me comes easily now, after losing my health for so many years along with the freedom to … Continue reading

How to eat your skin beautiful

How to eat your skin beautiful

  Have you ever wondered about the secret behind people with that beautiful ‘glow’ is?  Well I’m about to let you in on it and the best part is, ANYONE can achieve it! Our inner beauty flows through to influence our outer beauty in more ways than one. Just as our internal thoughts transpire to become our external reality, the internal state of your body will be expressed through your external appearance. Two of the best reflectors for how well our body is functioning internally are our energy levels and our complexion The two body systems that are the most significant in determining our health … Continue reading

One Man’s Incredible Story Part II

One Man's Incredible Story Part II

  You may recall Fred’s story from my last post about his journey to recovery from acute, debilitating anxiety, simply through changing his diet and fixing his gut and replenishing nutrient deficiencies. As you may recall Fred had suffered major anxiety as far back as his childhood, along with ADHD and later on, alcoholism and chronic fatigue. The Dr’s answer to Fred’s search for answers….. dose him up on a cocktail of chemical uppers and downers,  as well as more misdiagnoses than underwear changes!  There is no doubt that some of the pharmaceutical medications he was prescribed brought Fred back from the brink of near death and … Continue reading

Top 10 tips for staying trim, dining out

Top 10 tips for staying trim, dining out

  It’s an age old quandary….how can we be healthy and still dine out?  Well the good news is YOU CAN!  It’s all in the CHOICES you make. I know for many folk, eating out for corporate lunches and dinners can all be part of ‘the job’, but eating out doesn’t have to lead to the expansion of the waist line.  Even the most hardened fine diner will struggle to argue it’s difficult to stay trim and eat out,  if they stick to these simple rules. So follow my tips and you won’t go wrong! Choose your restaurant wisely –  Avoid the obvious like the fast food … Continue reading

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