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One Man’s Incredible Story…Why he quit gluten

One Man's Incredible Story...Why he quit gluten

For those of you who have seen me as a patient or have read my e-book Eat Yourself Healthy In 28 Days, you’ll be familiar with my stance on gluten.  Gluten is something we are hearing more and more about and the impact it is having on our health.  If you missed my first post on gluten, you can read it here to bring you up to speed.  But in this post, I wanted to share with you a truly inspirational story about one man’s journey with his health and the life changing impact when he quit gluten. For the purpose of this post I’ll … Continue reading

Tired? Run down…? Could this be why?

Tired? Run down...? Could this be why?

If you have been feeling tired and run down lately then perhaps one of the reasons is because you are B12 deficient. B12 belongs to the group of B vitamins, essential for our neurological, immune, reproductive and thyroid function as well as energy production. Deficiency in B12 is very common and often misdiagnosed because the conventional blood test for B12 uses a range that does not assess for functional B12 deficiency.  B-12 deficiency can take years to become clinically evident, meaning deficiency can set in long before acute symptoms appear. I assess every patient for B 12 deficiency and the majority of … Continue reading

Feeling a little bloated? Could this be why?

Feeling a little bloated? Could this be why?

It appears many of us are suffering from the ‘bloats’ as I like to call it. I’m talking about that most uncomfortable of sensations experienced within our abdomen or gut after eating. Pretty much every patient I treated over the past 13 years suffered bloating to some degree, sadly more often than not. So is bloating a normal symptom when it comes to digestion and if not what does it indicate? Bloating is a phenomena associated most commonly with the western diet. The US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, are apparently feeling the pinch from the bloat more so … Continue reading

What causes Hashimoto’s and other weird Autoimmune diseases

What causes Hashimoto's and other weird Autoimmune diseases

  It seems many of you are suffering from, or at least know someone who has some form of Auto immune (AI) disease. The truth is 1 in 5 people living in the western world suffer from one of the 80 existing AI diseases and this statistic is rising, including a doubling in the rate of Multiple Sclerosis in the last ten years. Autoimmune diseases occur when the immune system loses the ability to detect self from non self and consequently launches an attack against it’s own healthy tissues or organs. The hyperactive immune activity triggers a chronic inflammatory response, through … Continue reading

How detox can ovehaul your health

How detox can ovehaul your health

  When searching for answers to our health problems, it’s essential to target the root underlying cause.  Many of us, including the conventional medicine model, tend to focus on treating the visible symptoms, failing to realise that the cause of many health problems actually stems from a poorly functioning digestive system – specifically the GUT or gastrointestinal tract, in addition to eating the wrong foods and being exposed to excess levels of stress. When I work with a patient, I view my approach to their treatment a little like building a house.  First we need to lay the foundations for building new … Continue reading

Green Goddess Power Smoothie

Green Goddess Power Smoothie

Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Low sugar, Diabetic Friendly, Candida friendly, Paleo, Vegetarian/Vegan If you have been kick starting your day with my alkalizing Green Goddess juice, I’d like to share my Green Goddess Superfood Power Smoothie recipe with you! You could say it’s the Green Goddess juice on steroids, because of the addition of banana, pea protein powder and superfoods like chia seeds and maca root powder – an ancient Inca superfood which acts as a natural hormonal adaptogen – great if you are adrenally fatigued, or looking to regulate your hormones naturally. I whip this superfood power smoothie up on the mornings … Continue reading

Why you should give cow’s dairy the flick

Why you should give cow's dairy the flick

  If there’s one food I get asked about from a health perspective more than any other its cows dairy, (closely followed by gluten and wheat).  So I want to help clear the confusion surrounding this topic because I get the sense there is actually a lot of fear when it comes to deciding whether to avoid the cow juice – milk! Naturally this fear stems from the understanding we have around the links with maintaining healthy calcium levels and preventing conditions like osteoporosis, tooth decay and rickets. This I understand, however consider this, cow’s dairy is not a traditional … Continue reading

The truth about detox

The truth about detox

The month of February has become synonymous with undertaking the dreaded detox after bidding farewell to the holiday and silly season festivities for another year, but it seems just as many folks argue the annual cleanse is a total waste of time, money and effort and unnecessary for our health, even dangerous! The fact is we live in a fast paced world and many of us complain of feeling ‘overloaded’ and overwhelmed with clutter – be it mental clutter from information overload from technology, social media and the internet, or juggling work and home life with some sort of social life, through to physical … Continue reading

A bit about this blog

Welcome to my blog, I’m Sally Joseph, I’m a qualified Clinical Nutritionist, with over 14 yrs professional experience in private practice, researching and studying nutritional medicine approaches to optimal health.   Before studying to become a Nutritionist, I overcame my own personal battle with Chronic Fatigue  / Adrenal Exhaustion Syndrome, Lupus and more recently, Hashimoto’s – an auto immune condition of the thyroid as well as a pituitary adenoma. I’m mentioning all this because I think it helps my readers to know ‘I’ve been there’, when it comes to suffering the debilitating effects of chronic and supposedly ‘incurable’ illnesses, not to … Continue reading

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