My Top Tips For Staying Healthy Eating Out

I know for many folk, entertaining clients out to lunch and corporate functions can be all part of ‘the job’, and grabbing a bite out because time has got away can be a regular occurrence in this busy day & age, but eating out does not necessarily have to be unhealthy, nor cause your waistline to expand. Just follow my top ten tips to healthy eating when dining out and you won’t go wrong! MY TOP TEN TIPS FOR STAYING TRIM, EATING OUT…. Choose your restaurant wisely. Avoid the obvious, like the fast food diner - that’s just a no brainer. Go for restaurants or cafes that you know are going to cater to a healthy palette. There is no point choosing an all you can eat pasta bistro, as you will ha

Can Dry Skin Brushing Banish Cellulite?

Did you know one of simplest and most inexpensive ways to effectively treat cellulite is adopting the habit of dry skin brushing? Cellulite plagues many women, resulting in a tireless search for a miracle cure, often in vain. But what many of us don’t realize is what actually causes cellulite and what remedies exist to effectively treat it. Cellulite is caused by a combination of factors, including excess toxins binding to fat cells, which then present as unsightly indentations in areas we are most prone to storing fat – predominantly the thighs. Areas of the body with a high fat density have a poorer blood supply, so they have less circulation than areas with a higher muscle mass. Dry skin


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