The Secret To Beautiful Skin

Have you ever wondered about the secret behind people with that beautiful 'glow' is? Well I'm about to let you in on it and the best part is, ANYONE can achieve it! Our inner beauty flows through to influence our outer beauty in more ways than one. Just as our internal thoughts transpire to become our external reality, the internal state of your body will be expressed through your external appearance. Two of the best indicators for how well our body is functioning are our energy levels and our complexion, and the two body systems that have the most influence on our overall health and day to day function are the gut and central nervous system. If we experience imbalances in either of these s

One Man's Incredible Story Part II

You may recall Fred's story from my last post about his journey to recovery from acute, debilitating anxiety, simply through changing his diet and fixing his gut and replenishing nutrient deficiencies. As you may recall Fred had suffered major anxiety as far back as his childhood, along with ADHD and later on, alcoholism and chronic fatigue. The Dr's answer to Fred's search for answers..... dose him up on a cocktail of chemical uppers and downers, as well as more misdiagnoses than underwear changes! There is no doubt that some of the pharmaceutical medications he was prescribed brought Fred back from the brink of near death and managed to 'stabilise' him from suffering panic attacks that l


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