Why You May Be Struggling To Lose Your Pregnancy Weight

I get asked by so many women "Why am I struggling to lose my post baby weight?", especially after the second, or third baby and the reasons are simple, yet complex. I say 'simple' in that they can be easy to identify if you are experienced in understanding the workings of the body's endocrine and metabolic system and know what to look for, yet 'complex' in that the reasons can be due to a combination of factors and can take time to resolve. Losing your post baby weight is not always a case of eating less and exercising more, in fact this can even inhibit your weight loss efforts! The most important thing to remember is that your body is going through huge hormonal shifts both during and af

Is The Paleo Diet Dangerous?

I receive many emails from readers asking me what I think about the Paleo diet, and the short answer is 'I concur' on the majority of their principles anyway - especially considering they are largely aligned with those in my eating program Eat Yourself Healthy . In fact I wrote this program over 11 yrs ago - long before I had even heard the word 'Paleo'. The main point of difference my program offers, is about how to heal your gut, so you can actually reap the nutritional benefits of your food. I also do not believe the Paleo diet should be a licence to scoff as much red meat and fat as you can stuff into you - as some Paleo advocates tend to - not only because meat is the most difficult f


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