Should you trust the glycemic index

You may have heard the term 'low GI' or Glycemic Index bandied around in the plight to lose weight, with many processed food manufacturers sporting 'LOW GI' on products including Milo and sugar laden yoghurts and breakfast cereals! But just how much trust can we place in these two letters 'GI' when it comes to gauging the healthfulness of a food? In my view, most foods claiming to be 'low GI' are up there with the Heart Foundation's tick of approval - highly misleading and provide a skewed view of the nutritional value of a food. So firstly what is Glycemic Index ? Basically it's a unit of measurement that was developed in the 80's for assessing the insulin response derived from the consu

Natural Ways To Treat Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

It's estimated 12-18% of Australian women suffer Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) making it the most common endocrine disorder experienced in reproductive aged women. The question is why are so many women falling victim to this often debilitating and increasing epidemic? PCOS is caused by a combination of hormonal and metabolic imbalances, resulting in irregularities in ovarian function. Factors such as excess sugar and starchy carbohydrate intake, obesity, genetic predisposition, inactivity, smoking, medications such as steroids and excess oestrogen production, or exposure to xeno oestrogens, are all factors that can induce insulin resistance and PCOS. Prolonged periods of chronic stress

Why your thyroid pathology maybe 'normal' but you don't feel it

When it comes to pathology tests, you only find what you look for and this certainly applies to sufferers of thyroid disorders. Over 40% of women suffer from an underactive thyroid, yet the majority of them are going undiagnosed or being told by their Dr they have 'normal' thyroid pathology results, despite presenting with classic underactive thyroid symptoms of fatigue, weight gain, depression and brain fog. Worse still, even the cases that are being diagnosed, are either receiving inadequate diagnosis and or treatment. This was my experience over ten years ago, when I gained ten kilo's in ten weeks, despite no changes to my already healthy diet, or exercise routine ( running 6 laps of


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