Does Cow's Dairy 'Leech Calcium From Your Bones?

The case against cow's dairy and whether it plays an 'essential role in our health', is an age old argument, causing plenty of controversy and a divide amongst health professionals. To help dispel much of the confusion surrounding cow's dairy and the role it plays in our diet, I've broken down the science for you so you can be clear about the facts on this supposed 'essential food' and whether we really need to consume cow's dairy for strong, healthy bones. We're taught from a young age that cow's dairy will help our bones and teeth to grow strong and when we're in our senior years - prevent our bones from cracking due to osteoporosis, but is it true that consuming cow's dairy - which is na

Why Bone Broth Is The Secret To Natural Beauty

If you've been wondering what all the fuss is with this latest health 'fad' of drinking bone broth, you might be surprised to hear this culinary tradition dates back centuries ago. But as with so many food traditions, the slow food movement was lost with the birth of processed foods. The consumption of processed foods has been largely responsible for the demise in our health, as we've traded convenience for disease! But most of us wouldn't view eating packaged foods this way, choosing to believe the false claims made by so many manufacturers. In my view, the beauty industry is just as guilty as the manufacturers of processed foods, when it comes to their embellished claims. What I find so

How to heal your gut with fermented foods

We're hearing an awful lot about gut health nowadays and for good reason - it is the centre of our bodies universe! So how do we look after our gut and why is it so important to that we maintain those trillions of good bacteria living inside us? Well the simple answer is, your gut is composed of more bacteria than there are cells in the entire human body - making us actually more bacteria than human cells! The microbes living within your gut functions just like any eco system, in that the balance must be kept just right for it to function at it's best. One of the best ways to do this is to ensure the trillions of good bacteria within your gut are provided with plenty of food..... but not j


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