Is Your Coconut Milk Really Coconut Milk?

It seems dairy free milks are fast becoming our preferred choice when it comes to our morning brew, smoothie, or breakfast cereal, and that's a good thing considering the MANY issues associated with cow's milk. (You can read more about these in a previous post I wrote here and here). But one diary free milk that's quickly gaining popularity, is coconut milk. The humble coconut is renowned as a wonder food, thanks to being rich in fatty acids - namely lauric acid - which makes up about 50% of the fatty acids coconut oil. Lauric acid has been hailed for it's powerful antimicrobial actions against harmful bacteria, viruses and yeasts, as well as 'it's ability to help your body burn fat and

Top 6 Foods For A Healthy Gut

When it comes to functioning and feeling your best - both mentally and physically - the most important place to start is with your gut! Put simply, 'the gut is where it's at' - when it comes to how well we function on a day to day basis. The reason why our gut health plays such a central role in influencing our overall health, is because it's home to trillions and trillions of microbes that outnumber your cells by a ratio of 10:1, which means the human body is essentially 90% bacteria! These microbes makeup what's known as your body's microbiome - which is your body's inbuilt 'eco-system'. Like any ecosystem on earth, the state of your microbiome, plays a critical role in determining th

How to make your own coconut milk

If you're a fan of coconut milk in your morning smoothie, coffee, or breakfast cereal, or you love baking healthy treats with this healthy, dairy free alternative, you'd be forgiven for being put off by the absorbent price, considering the average cost for a litre of coconut or other nut milks comes in at around $6- 8 a litre - a little steep considering the main ingredient is water! A quick and inexpensive alternative to buying coconut milk, is of course to make your own! At a total of ten minutes to make and a 1/4 of the price, it's well worth the minimal effort if you ask me, and you can also ensure you're not being hit with any unwanted ingredients, typically found in many commercial bra


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