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Are You Doing Your Detox All Wrong?

When it comes to detox programs, not all were created equal. I come across countless detox programs promising miracle weight loss through liquid fasts, like the lemon detox diet, or drinking 3 -4 fresh fruit and vegetable juices for 5 plus days! To be honest, these type of detox programs can do more harm than good because they can down regulate your metabolism and trigger binge eating from, not to mention increase your insulin production from the high levels of fructose found in all the fresh fruit juices!

When undertaken the right way, a detox diet will act like a reset button for the function of every cell in your body, because of its ability to alkalize your system and stimulate the function of your digestive system.

When your body is more alkaline than acidic, it functions better -

  • your blood circulates more easily, carrying essential nutrients to your cells

  • you digest and absorb food more effectively

  • your immune defenses are stronger

  • inflammatory responses are switched off

  • your mind is clearer

  • your sleep deeper

  • and cancer cells are even unable to survive in an alkaline environment.

Best of all you will feel happier, not to mention look healthier - thanks to those sparkly white eyes and glowing complexion. Yep there is a lot to be said for doing a detox diet IF you do it the right way!

The other thing you may not realize is that a proper detox is the best way to stimulate your metabolic rate, not only because the right detox program should teach you how to adopt healthy eating habits and break bad ones, but also because it should work to stimulate your liver and bowel to function optimally, and repair your gut! An optimally functioning liver and bowel and healthy gut function, will have a direct impact on the function of every cell and body system, as well as improve the absorption of nutrients.

Many detox diet, such as the lemon detox diet, actually have the opposite effect on your metabolic rate because they are based around drinking nothing but water or juice fasting for much longer than just a few days. Too long on a juice fast and your body will think it is enduring a famine and adjust the metabolic rate to slow down. This can lead to excess weight gain when you return to eating your normal diet.

I have designed my detox program to teach you healthy eating habits that can be adopted into your everyday life. This way you will always be looking after the function of your digestive system, not just periodically when you feel your body needs a detox.

Another essential for an effective detox program, is that it should focus on improving your bowel function. Many people fail to move their bowels at least once a day and this is probably the biggest cause for toxicity within our body, in addition to poor digestion and exposure to excess level of toxins. Ideally you should have a bowel motion 2 - 3 times a day, and they should be well formed, not too smelly and easy to pass! So if your bowel function is sluggish, then the function of every cell in your body will also be along with your metabolic rate.

An effective detox program should also focus on the elimination of pathogens such as parasites or bacteria from the intestine. If these slippery little suckers are allowed to exist within your gut, they will end up competing with your good gut flora - which should be the dominant force in your gut to help maintain a healthy immune and brain function.

Maintaining a healthy balance of good bacteria within the gut, is one of the best things you can do for your overall health and digestive function, but remember, supplementing with a quality pro biotic is the last step in undertaking an effective detox, after you have brought the excess pathogens under control and started to heal your gut wall.

An effective detox should achieve the following :

  1. Alkalise your system

  2. Regulate your bowel function and repair your gut (treat leaky gut syndrome)

  3. Stimulate liver detoxification

  4. Remove any pathogens – bacteria, parasites and excess candida

  5. Replenish your gut flora colonies

  6. And most importantly…teach you healthy eating habits for life

If you're keen to get clean and lean, learn how through the program in my book, Love Your Gut, or sign up to my 6 Wk online program

All Rights Reserved Sally Joseph copyright 2013

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