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The Eat Yourself Healthy Program has helped 1000’s of folks just like you, overcome a wide range of complex and everyday health problems, lose weight and feel great for life, with no calorie counting or dieting! Here’s just a few of their success stories.


I thought I was eating a healthy diet until Sally's program taught me just how much hidden sugar I was eating! The baby weight I was struggling to lose after my third pregnancy, despite hours of exercise. just feel off me and my body shape is even better than before my first child

Rebecca, Brisbane

"I initially looked into this program out of vanity, specifically wanting to lose weight. What I came out with was so much more.
Today, I literally spring out of bed in the morning’s feel more alert throughout the day and sleep much better than I have in years..oh, and losing 11kg’s was a welcome bonus!"

Ian, Sydney

“I feel better than I've felt in years - my eyes are clearer, I sleep better, I'm not bloated and my skin conditions have cleared up. The best outcome for me however, has been that my mind is so much clearer. I feel on top of my game again.”

Fiona, Mermaid Beach Qld


I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus in 2000 then I discovered Sally’s Eat Yourself Healthy program. I am now back at work and no longer take Lupus medication.

Eileen, Sydney

I've suffered from dry red itchy eczema my entire life and spent countless hours and dollars on doctors, practitioners & creams, but since doing the EYH program, my dry itchy eczema is a thing of the past & I lost excess weight without even trying!”

Sharon, Sydney

Sally’s program taught me about the gut brain connection and how through fixing my digestive function I could reduce my depression and better manage it through using food as medicine.

Damien, Dubbo

Annabel Tully.jpg

The Love Your Gut program cured my sugar cravings and has set me on a better path to health

Annabelle, Central Qld

Louise Drum.jpg

I suffered unbelievably debilitating menstrual pain for years, often leaving me bedridden with severe cramping, vomiting & diarrhea. I experienced immediate results on the program – my periods no longer take over my life – thanks to no pain!

Louise, Sydney

Matt Farmer.jpg

Sally's program set me on a course to better health 12 years ago, which I still enjoy today! I have never felt better!

Matt, Sydney

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