Transform your health and wellbeing for life with the Eat Yourself Healthy 6 week online program – the most comprehensive and scientifically based program on the market.  


Feel confident in your journey to better health, knowing you'll be learning from one of Australia's most experienced and respected Nutritionists, Sally Joseph, who has over 17 years in clinical practice treating a wide range of everyday and complex health conditions.


Through Sally's online program, you'll be gaining access to her cutting edge knowledge on a wide range of health topics, including:


* Foods that make you sick and gain weight, even though you think they maybe healthy

* Foods that heal your health and help you burn fat naturally without even exercising 

* How to heal from chronic digestive problems like IBS, and restore optimal gut health

* Discover the secrets to achieving & maintaining your ideal body weight

* How to create quick and simple gut freindly meals the whole family will enjoy

* How to reduce your exposure to common toxins that may be harming your health

* Ways to switch off your sugar cravings for life

* How to identify if you have an underlying thyroid problem and what to do about it

* How to switch off chronic inflammation that underlies every health condition from    diabetes, autoimmune disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol through to  depression and anxiety.

* How to heal from food sentivities and intolerances and much more.


  • Each day you'll be emailed an educational video, meal plans (vegan and paleo options available), a healthy pantry shopping list, access to a huge recipe library, as well as recipe demonstration videos, so you can learn how easy it is to prepare simple and delicious meals in a flash! You'll also receive members only articles on how to effectively heal from thyroid  and autoimmune conditions, two of the fastest growing health epidemics.


    There's also a members only support group where you can ask Sally any questions and interact with other memebers along the way, so you'll never feel alone on your journey. 


    Use the membership section to track your progress & keep yourself accountable and break bad habits, whilst forming new ones, using the food and symptom diaries along the way.


    Feel free to work at your own pace, or go with the flow of the program!