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The Secret To Beautiful Skin

Have you ever wondered about the secret behind people with that beautiful 'glow' is? Well I'm about to let you in on it and the best part is, ANYONE can achieve it!

Our inner beauty flows through to influence our outer beauty in more ways than one. Just as our internal thoughts transpire to become our external reality, the internal state of your body will be expressed through your external appearance.

Two of the best indicators for how well our body is functioning are our energy levels and our complexion, and the two body systems that have the most influence on our overall health and day to day function are the gut and central nervous system. If we experience imbalances in either of these systems, the effect will be felt systemically and impact the function of all the other body systems.

The gastrointestinal tract or gut, has a surface area equivalent in size to that of a size of a tennis court. But it's what lines our gastrointestinal tract that is arguably the most powerful and influential body organ of all.....trillions and trillions of good bacteria, form what's known as our 'microbiome'. These colonies of intestinal flora, out number our body cells by a ratio of approximately 10:1, which is why they have such a strong influence over the function of every body cell, organ and system.

Our intestinal bacteria are not the only organism occupying our intestine. A naturally occurring fungus known as Candida Albicans is another occupant of the human gut. Like any ecosystem, if the natural balance is disrupted, the effect will be systemic. Einstein predicted that ‘if bees were to become extinct, man would only survive a few years beyond’, because of the intrinsic role bee’s play in the food chain, helping to pollinate around 70% of all the crops on the planet. So when the ratio of 'good' to 'bad' organisms within the gut tips in favour of the bad – a condition referred to as 'Dysbiosis' will develop. Dysbiosis occurs when hostile organisms such as Candida, bad bacteria and parasites outnumber the friendly intestinal flora. The effects will be felt systemically including our hormonal balance, immune defences, thyroid and neurological function.

So what does all this have to do with your skin? Well the skin is largest organ and our outermost layer and our complexion is a mirror of the state of our internal health, so by the time problems start to appear with our skin, whether it be eczema, psoriasis, or hormonal acne, the problem is generally chronic and has direct links to chronic inflammation that stems from the gut health. This is why applying topical treatments will fail to address the underlying cause of the problem at a cellular level and at best, provide temporary relief.

Your choice of foods will also have a major influence over your gut function and hormonal balance. Inflammatory foods like sugar, cow's dairy, gluten, artificial additives and sweeteners, caffeine and alcohol, exacerbate the inflammation underlying all skin conditions.

So if you want to achieve that youthful glow, stop turning to expensive miracle creams, lotions and potions and turn your attention to your insides, namely your gut health and of course your diet. For the full run down on what to eat for beautiful skin and how to heal your gut, grab a copy of my book, Love Your Gut.

All Rights Reserved Sally Joseph Copyright 2013

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