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Do Detox Diets Really Work?

Many of us are turned off by the idea of a ‘detox diet’ or juice cleanse, due to the associated calorie deprivation, feelings of lightheadedness and impulsively wanting to eat everything in sight, after solely consuming liquids or rabbit food! For anyone who’s tried these forms of detox, you’ll know the results are often short lived at best, with most people eventually regaining any weight lost!

In my view, the infamous lemon detox diet or juice cleanses, are a far cry from what a properly formulated detox program can and should achieve, not to mention they are full of sugar which disrupts the balance of your gut microbiome. The right detox program will act like a reset button for the function of every cell in your body and be all encompassing, not just in its ability to alkalise your system, but it should also work to stimulate the optimal function of your liver and bowel, in addition to support your gut health!

That’s a lot to expect from a detox program! And admittedly it should be! Which is why I’ve formulated my detox and gut repair program - contained in my book, Love Your Gut and 6WK Eat Yourself Healthy Online Program.

As a nutritionist, I don’t believe in quick fixes, or silver bullets when it comes to achieving your health goals, because taking control of your health is something we need to embrace each and every day through the food and lifestyle choices we make.

How is my program different to others?

1. It's not a Fad

I’ve designed my program to teach you healthy eating habits that are easy enough to adopt into your everyday life, so you'll naturally want to make better food choices beyond the program. It has the added bonus of working to naturally heal your gut and detoxify your liver and bowel at the same time. This way you’ll always be looking after your gut health and overall digestive function, not just periodically when you feel your body needs a detox! 2. I'm a qualified health professional

Detox and health programs are a dime a dozen nowadays, but very few are actually designed or written by qualified health practitioners with any scientific training. My strong technical background and over 17 years of clinical experience as a Nutritionist working with thousands of patients, has enabled me to formulate the most effective gut repair and detox program on the market. I understand the science behind human biology and the clinical results I've witnessed over the years, rather than just regurgitating something I read on the internet.

3. You'll achieve real and lasting results

Lets face it, the main reason people undertake a detox is to lose weight, but when this becomes the main aim of a program, the results are often short lived and not sustainable long term. Weight loss is just a welcome by-product of my program, rather than the main focus, as I believe the reason why so many of us fail in our attempts to overhaul our health is because we focus on a number on the scale, or achieving a particular dress size. I’ve designed my program to focus on targeting the root cause of any health condition. That’s why my program transcends other detox programs as far as long lasting results . Will you lose weight on my program? Most likely, but not because you ate less, exercised more, or ate rabbit food, but because it works to recalibrate your metabolism through fixing your gut and digestive function- the cause of pretty well all health problems and diseases.

A properly formulated detox program should easily achieve all of the above and beyond. But why just stop there? 4. I'm on hand to guide you every step of the way

I understand that not everyone offering health programs has a professional health or clinical background, but when you join my 6WK Eat Yourself Healthy online program you'll get access to me via my closed Facebook group and daily educational videos and emails, where I'm able to mentor you step - by - step guiding you on exactly what you need to do, so you'll find it super simple to follow.

5. You won't be doing it alone

Because I offer my program online, you'll be joining other people just like you with similar health issues and complaints through my online community, where you’ll get access to the support and encouragement you need over the 6 weeks – perfect timing before the start of summer and annual festive season!

Starting October 20th, I’m launching a special group 6 Week Eat Yourself Healthy program

so we all start and finish together, so you'll have plenty of motivation and camaraderie from doing it along side others who'll be at the same stage on the program as you! (normally you can join the program anytime, so not everyone starts and finishes together).

Best of all I’m offering you my special discounted price of just $135 – that’s a huge $50 saving off the online program when you use


But don’t dilly dally because this special offer is only available up until the 18th October and then the price will revert back to $185.

If you're keen to hear others success stories who have done my program, you can read more here.

I really hope you can join me on October 20th, because I know you deserve to look and feel your best and finally break free from those nagging health issues that have been holding you back.

Be sure to tag #EYHSpringCleanse, #LOVEYOURGUT and #SALLYJOSEPHNUTRITION on your social media posts so we can track your progress, share pictures of your meals and offer general inspiration for others on the group cleanse!

Have you grabbed a copy of my book Love Your Gut?

All Rights Reserved Sally Joseph copyright 2017

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